Odd performance


I have noticed since I first powered my unit up that, when first powered up after setting for a while, it boots and the LED changes as expected. If I turn off the power and then turn it on again within a minute or two, it may do one of various things. It may go into beacon mode without the KEY and PTT switches being turned on. The LED may flash in random, unexpected patterns. Or it may do nothing at all. That is usually the case. I connected the serial port to my computer and, when first powered up and sometimes with the weird patterns, it sends the expected initial message. When it does nothing, with the LED being dark, it doesn't even do that.

If I leave it set for 15 minutes or more, it boots up as expected again.

Has anyone heard about this before? Any idea what's going on? I suspect something with the PIC is awry and it is not resetting for short duration power-downs. Anything in particular I should look at or look for in this situation?

Input voltage is 12.5 volts, Murata regulator is putting out 4.9 volts and the other regulator is putting out 3.25 volts. I noticed it when I was using the internal 10 MHz oscillator, but now I'm using an external OCXO with about 2.5 volts P-P signal level. I get the same thing with both of those.

In-circuit serial programming works fine. I have reprogrammed the device a couple times with expected results. I've been using the 19F2611 firmware version. But no change in the above condition.

73, Zack W9SZ

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