We have reached our maximum again.


We’ve reached the group’s maximum storage limit again. 

It looks like the majority of the space is taken up by files rather than pictures. So if there are any files you want, download them now. I’ll be getting a note from about it in the next week or so. 

Also, start posting your pictures in the club’s photo gallery instead to help keep our usage down here. There’s a link on the club home page if you don’t already have it. 

Thank you. 

That is all. 

Really, that’s all. 

Move along now. 


The note came sooner than I expected.
I needed to clear up space or we'd lose files.

I have cleared out 342 MB's of space by moving most of the pictures over to the new Club Photo Gallery.
....which very few of you have registered in yet.

Go here to see the pictures, register, upload more pictures, and enjoy life again.

We have the new domain and its new functions.
We should use them.

Also, I started a list of links in the database section.
Right now it just has the club's home page, Gallery and Forum listed.
Feel free to add other interesting mini-gaming-related links to it.