The Club's NEW DOMAIN #Important


As many of you know I will be discontinuing the domain in about a month.
I have been hosting the club's pages there but the members who attended the last membership meeting agreed that the club should have its own domain and that my desire to stop paying for my old company web domain was justified.

The new club domain is:   
Please reset your bookmarks to this new address.

The old pages will still work for a while but I'd appreciate it if you all could visit the new domain and run it through the ringer looking for any broken links or other glitches.  

Also, you'll notice a new link on the home page that will take you to a real Club Forum.
Take a look through there as well. It should be ready to use.

This discussion group is also linked and isn't going away.




We have set up a new photo gallery for the club in the hopes of not running out of space so frequently on .
Sylvain is still working on a solution for our file storage.

Once you change your links to the home page from the domain to the domain youll see that we have placed a link in the left side column of the web page.
Here is the link to the Home Page that you should all be using now:       < >
Here's the Forum link:                    < >
Here's the Photo Gallery link:        < >
Here's the Discussion Group link:  < >
Club stuff is being migrated to the new domain now, and the tindictator domain IS going away in June.
So update your browser bookmarks now.
You will need to register on the new pages once, then you should be all set.