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Reminder: Rescue at F'het Huchini - Colonial Wargaming

When: Saturday, 13 February 2021

Where:Bob's War Room

An RSVP is requested. Click here to RSVP

Organizer: Ed

Description: A return to the first scenario of our old Colonial Campaign. 

The B'ha Loni Coast, Africa
Sometime in the late 19th century...

The Italian river outpost town of F'het Huchini is in danger.  The inland fort protecting the settlement was overrun some days ago by native tribesmen and the fort's garrison has been eliminated (presumed eaten!).  The remaining Italian troops are fighting a delaying action.   But the tribesmen are slowly advancing towards the town, enjoying their leftovers along the way.  They know there is no escape for the remaining delicious morsels.

The British have organized a rescue mission, even though they don't really care about Italians that much and would rather see them gone from B'ha Loni. However, standing by while Europeans are eaten is bad form in the eyes of the people back home.  So they are providing a contingent of regular and naval troops and the seaborne transportation for an international force to go into the town.  The mission will be arriving in small boats down the F'het Tidd river under cover of darkness.  But by the time they arrive, the natives will have reached the ridge of low hills surrounding the town.  Can the town be evacuated in time? Or can the enemy be driven off and the grateful townspeople saved?

Be advised -- in this era of intrigue, it is not surprising that each Colonial force has its own secret and perhaps nefarious objectives...

Several native players, plus British, American, and French would be optimal.  15mm using Roolz 4 Foolz Colonial and Roolz 4 Foolz Naval - simple convention style rules, 1 page QRS