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 I hope you are staying safe and healthy!


My name is Matt, and I am a gaming enthusiast (who is also a writer and voice over artist) and I wanted to share with you some original narrative scenario content for RPGs and Tabletop Wargames via Youtube videos.


I don’t’ do battle reports, reviews, unboxings, painting, etc.  I’ll leave that up to the pros, as there are so many of those already.  My content is designed to augment a player’s own game by adding story and background for games like D&D and 40K, etc..


And just to give you a sense of what you can expect…


Here is an Orc War Chieftain giving a speech to fire-up his warriors (good for Age of Sigmar and the like):


Here is an encounter with a Red Dragon for games like D&D and Pathfinder:


Here is the first in a two-part Star Wars rpg scenario featuring Rebel Heroes vs a Galactic Crime Lord:


Here is the first of a two-part satirical ‘podcast’ about teenage Warhammer enthusiasts:


And finally, here is the overall Home Page:


There are a lot of narrative scenarios for RPGs and Tabletop Wargames.  And my aim is to put out a new video every couple of weeks. 


I’m trying to create awareness, so please feel free to forward the channel or any of the individual video links to anyone you feel might be interested or get a kick out of them.


Have a good day and please be safe out there!