CYBËR WÅRS Member Letter 3


For those of you who enjoy computer games, Cyber Wars starts on Thursday. 
Below is their latest announcement. 

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CYBËR WÅRS Member Communication 3

Hello everyone,

With less than a week to go I wanted to take one more opportunity to tell everyone about CYBËR WÅRS (July 23-26, 2020), and how you can join us!  One of the biggest changes is you can now get access to the HMGS Roundtable hosted by No Dice No Glory, the Virtual Gaming, War College Videos, and very soon the Virtual Vendor Hall, by going to the official HMGS CYBËR WÅRS page!

  1. Virtual Vendor Hall.  We have posted links to just under one hundred of our previous vendors and have several special offers available during the convention.  You can find these vendors in the Virtual Vendor Hall.  If you are a vendor and have not been listed, or you want to have a show special please let us know.
  2. Virtual Hobby Room.  Our volunteers will be posting painting and hobby videos for you to watch.  We have some live streams scheduled as well.  If you are interested in making a video or two, please let us know.
  3. Club Page.  We would like to include a page dedicated to the clubs that have attended the HMGS conventions over the years.  Each club will have the opportunity to showcase their club, and some projects they have worked on over the years.  If your club has not already received an email, please reach out to us at the email contact address below.  We would love to highlight as many clubs as possible.
  4. The HMGS Roundtable hosted by No Dice No Glory.  The team at No Dice No Glory has been working nonstop to schedule some excellent speakers for online lectures and open forums. You can find the full event listing both on Facebook and now on our CYBËR WÅRS information page!
  5. Virtual Gaming  We have approximately twenty different games available to be played on a variety of platforms.  You can find them on our Facebook page or on our official HMGS CYBËR WÅRS page! There are still games looking for players.
  6. Virtual Painting Competition.  There will be nine categories as listed below.  

  • Best Historical Unit, 
  • Best Historical Figure,
  • Best Science Fiction/Fantasy (combined) Unit, 
  • Best Science Fiction/Fantasy (combined) Single Figure
  • Best Open Category.  (Diorama, objective marker etc.)
  • Best Warlord Miniatures Historical Unit.
  • Best Warlord Miniatures Non-Historical Unit
  • Best in Show.
  • Fan Favorite.  


The first eight categories will be judged by Mr. Dave Taylor, and the Fan Favorite category will be selected by convention participants based on the pictures that receive the most “likes”.  Figures must be painted by the person entering the contest.  Entrants will take up to three pictures of their figure and submit it to the convention director at the e-mail address listed below by Friday, July 24th at 5:00 PM EST.  All pictures will be posted on the Virtual Painting Competition Facebook page.  Mr. Taylor will select the best entries per category, except for the Fan Favorite which is selected by the the convention attendees. 

  1. War College videos.  At Historicon 2019, HMGS started an effort to record the War College lectures. While a few of these have been made available over the last six months, the uploads were completed a few weeks ago. Some are available to everyone, and some are member exclusives.  We have also posted links to some Internet videos that we really like on our Round Table event page.
  2. Virtual Merchandise Store.  What better way to say “I wasn’t there” than to get some CYBËR WÅRS merchandise?  The merchandise is available right now on Redbubble.
  3. Virtual Wally’s Basement.  This will be an open page where you can post your eBay or other third-party auction links.


Q- How can I find CYBËR WÅRS?

A. We have created the CYBËR WÅRS Facebook page, you can find it here.

Q- I don’t like Facebook, is there any other way to get notified?

A. Information will also be posted on the HMGS CYBËR WÅRS page.  

Q- Are members going to be able to stream to Facebook?

A. No, members will not be streaming to Facebook.  

Q- Will I need any special equipment to play virtual games?

A. Virtual games may need players to install applications on your computer. 

Players will need to check the game requirements on the event listing prior to signing up. 

Every game will have contact information for the GM and application requirements

on the ticket listing.

I look forward to “seeing” you all at CYBËR WÅRS!

If you are interested in helping, having your club listed, entering the painting competition, or donating, please contact Dennis Jensen at cyberwarscd@....


Dennis Jensen
CYBËR WÅRS Convention Director, HMGS Inc.