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Reminder: Chain of Command Demo "Learn to Play" Game

When: Wednesday, 26 May 2021, 12:00pm to 4:00pm, (GMT-07:00) America/Phoenix

Where:Bob's War Room

An RSVP is requested. Click here to RSVP

Organizer: Old Mike dolanz999@... 412 559 9483

Description: If you ever wanted to learn how to play the Two Fat Lardies Skirmish WW2 game "Chain of Command" we will be demoing the game this Wed at Noon. All are Welcome, This demo will feature my 20 mm  American and German Platoons in Normandy after D Day. This will cover all aspects of the game and Lots of Die rolling! I am hoping that we enjoy the game and gain some experience to be able to to play "Big Chain of Command"  games  including multiple Infantry Platoons and Tanks!