Pictures from the Guilford Courthouse game

Sylvain Durand

We had an historical result for the Guilford courthouse. British were able to reach the Regular Continental lines. After a few rounds of firing the continental withdrew in good order. The British won the battle but at a terrible cost. Cornwallis will be forced to withdraw to Wilmington NC and then to Yorktown. 

British tactical victory but continental strategic victory. 

This battle is a tough one for the Kings soldiers. 

Let’s meet in two weeks for the last testing but with British Grenadiers (AWI version of General de Brigade)

I did not take a lot of pictures but here is what I have


On Jan 16, 2021, at 6:37 PM, Bob <brodgers.cell@...> wrote:

Thanks for running the game today Sylvain. 

I had a good time. See you in two weeks.