The Railhead at Guvnograd

John C

Hmm, if it is in the Donets Basin, what is all that sand doing there ???  :-)   Green sand I might add.....

Looks very nice.   What scale are you playing at?   This is Ya Stalino rules (or whatever they are called)?


From: Kochese (Larry) <kochese@...>
Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2019 1:29 PM
Subject: [The-Table-Top-Gaming-Society] The Railhead at Guvnograd

Somewhere in the Donets Basin. The Germans need it . The Russians have it.Model and 9th Army. Vatutin  and the Voronezh Front. Could get Bloody.

Kochese (Larry)

6mm-1//285. Hurrah Stalino! My Variant, to work on a non squared off table. If you down load the rules, you multiply all of their factors and range  by 3 it will give you range and movement in inches. It's a lot of fun, beer and pretzels stuff. Be up on your NATO color coding =inf red=arty yellow =armor etc.