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Michael M

I agree with you on all points, Dan.  But it is certainly consistent with his minimalist rules philosophy as demonstrated by his books on Nineteenth Century European Wargame Rules and One Hour Wargames Rules.

I wished he had been asked our question about supports in combat.  I'd also like to know his philosophy around the lack of a command and control system.  I think you probably nailed it on the javelins/bows defensive fire question.  Bows fire during shooting, but javelins only when a charge over 8 cm, hence no need to include them.

Overall, I like the simplicity and I think that the answers to the questions below filled in most of our gaps.  I'd certainly be willing to try these out again, if not Late Roman some other period just to really try them on for size.  

Michael Machell

On Sun, Jan 16, 2022 at 10:04 PM, Dan H <danh@...> wrote:
Good stuff and like I have observed I can see the logic of his thinking separately from liking or disliking it. 

I do find the quip obnoxious.  That is a cheat for many of just plain sloppiness. It is not a rules lawyer to ask what is the arc of fire or can you wheel and charge or what constitutes a legal charge.  I think too many people use that phrase as a dodge.  

Now there are indeed rules lawyers. I think it was wrg 5th that said unit fight with the weapons on the figure and people went out and bought weapons packs and quadruple armed their units.  Or people who say, “yes I heard you say you had moved these to a precise distance so you could charge me next turn, but you measured badly and now you can’t.” Those things are antithetical to fun.  But having a clear understanding of a flank attack is not a bad thing for a rule set to have.  

On Jan 16, 2022, at 9:43 PM, Michael M via <madmachell@...> wrote:

I found a set of common questions on the rules answered by Neil Thomas himself.  

His philosophy is that many otherwise outstanding rules sets "have been ruined by the perceived need to cater for the sort of minutiae beloved by rules lawyers." 

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