Which scenario do you prefer for a reprise of "Mad Dogs with Guns" game? #poll-notice

Michael M (New Mike)

Given you guys enjoyed the game last week, I would like your preference on a possible follow up game.  Here are two thoughts on scenarios using "Mad Dogs with Guns":
Scenario One:  Find the illegal still.  Federal agents are sent to close down an illegal still somewhere in the backwoods of Kentucky or West Virginia coal country.  It would include FBI agents, hillbillies, corrupt state police, and a group of gangsters buying from the still operators.  It's an opportunity to bring out the cultist figures (the agents stumble on a meeting of the Klan with unfortunate results) and maybe one or two other surprises.  Rumor has it that there could be dangerous critters in those hollers.
Scenario Two:  Union strike at the mill.  After yet another reduction in wages and staff brought on by the Depression, fed up workers go on strike.  The owners of the mill, who oppose any kind of cooperation with organized labor, call in assistance from the local police and Pinkertons to break the strike and protect the scab workers they have hired to continue operating.  The two sides face off at the closed gates of the plant, shots are fired, and pandemonium ensures.  Perhaps the National Guard is called in by the Governor to end the standoff.  Who knew that the strikers were stockpiling weapons in the event management used force to break the strike?  Some historians even believe that a young Jimmy Hoffa might have been present at this strike. 

Thank you for voting. Results will be available when the poll is closed.

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