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Sylvain Durand

Dear Friends,

Here is a letter that Neil received from Melissa (Al's sister)
It has an update on the California Memorial Plans
May Al Rest In Peace. We will all miss him.



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A Letter To You All About Albert
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Sunday Evening, August 15th

Dear Family & Friends:  

I wanted to honor Albert by offering to everyone to come be with us to spread Albert’s ashes in the Spring.  I have had some time to think about this, and to wait that long for Steve and I, and perhaps many of you, doesn’t help with the grieving process that is going to be different for everyone.  

To ask for you all to come now or even in September with the wildfires and the real and growing issue of COVID isn’t safe for anyone even if we are vaccinated, since vaccinated people are still getting the Delta variant.  These are not ordinary times.  Most of you are a long distance away from where we live.

After a lot of reflection, I have decided that as soon as we receive Albert’s ashes, we will spread them below my Mother’s tree.  I am deeply sorry if I am letting anyone down with this decision.  I know that what I am saying may be unsettling and add to the sadness of his departure.

Losing Albert so quickly and unexpectedly has been very difficult for all of us.  I am holding on tightly to the fact that he is no longer suffering.  He passed peacefully, and he told me in his last hours, it was what he wanted.  

He cared about all of you so much.  He shared that with me many times.  He was a big hearted guy with a wonderful personality that made us laugh with his well known corny jokes, positive outlook no matter what was going on, and his generosity to be there for anyone anytime they needed it.  He was kind, sweet, and caring.  

A couple days before he passed, he told me he had had a good life.  I am so grateful that he told me that.  He will be dearly missed.  There is no doubt about that.

My heart is with all of you during the coming days and months as we gently allow his memory to become the joyous one he was.  He wanted everyone to have joy.  That too was another thing he shared with me in his final days.    

I do not have everyone’s e-mail address, so could you please pass this letter on to those who may not know all that has transpired.

With Love To You All-


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