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Michael M

Tremendous stuff! When is the game?

Michael Machell

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Date: 3/17/21 6:16 PM (GMT-07:00)
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The bob…. Et all

In the fall of 2020, my oldest grandson asked for a few vikings.  Being a bit OCD, I couldn’t leave it at that.  So.. as of now, there are 100 vikings and about 120 Norman, saxons and welsh bowmen.  Thinking the what are vikings without something to pillage, there was also a farm and monestary..   These were supposed to travel bak to PA after they came for the holidays… but because of the current unpleasantness, the trip has ben delayed until May.

Of course, at this point, the project snowballed.  In addition to the photos, a town wall is under construction, as well a probable town.

This is available for use until may…. Or longer


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