Little Wars Update 3.0

Sylvain Durand

For those interested and vaccinated :-)


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The PEL cut-off for Event Submission, is upon us

At 2359 hours, Monday, March 15th, we will cut off event submissions.  You can still submit events but they will not be included in the PEL (Preliminary Event Listing).  Nor will players be able to preregister for your games.  That does not mean we do not want you to GM, but to get maximum exposure get them in..  

We have also added three more vendors and expect a couple more next week.  The room block is almost filled.  

In addition to purchasing your badge, this is your opportunity to renew your HMGS-Midwest membership.  Last year  we had extended everyone's benefits throughout 2020, and your current status will expire this April.  Remember joining HMGS helps our organization stay solvent throughout the year, and allows us to serve your gaming community.  In addition to the various Game Days that we have held, your other benefits include: $10 off Little Wars Admission, Free Admission to the War Chest, $10 off Autumn Wars, continuing to receive our expanded Newsletter, and voting in the 2021 Election.

So Please join us!

Here are some important dates to remember:

  • March 15th-Event submission cutoff
  • March 30th- Little Wars Preview Newsletter
  • April 1st- PEL publication, Event registration, Early Bird ends
  • April 29th to May 2nd-Little Wars 
  • May 3rd- The staff has some down time
  • May 4th-Planning begins for Autumn Wars 2021
Visit Little Wars Tabletop Events
The great crew at Warlord is sponsoring a Bolt Action Tournament.  With cons this year few and far between it is a great opportunity for you to get your favorite army back on the gaming table.  Space is limited to 16 players so sign up on Tabletop soon.

Friday, April 30th- De-Escalation Tournament

0830 to 0900         Check in
0900 to 1130         Round 01
1130 to 1230         Lunch Break 
(Judges check armies for theme/painting)

1300 to 1500        Round 02
1530 to 1700         Round 03
1730                      Out-brief/Awards Presentation


Players must use a 1,250-requisition point force for the 1st round, 1,000-requisition point force for the 2nd round, 750-requisition point force for the 3rd round. Players may change their force composition each round, but the force Nationality may not change.

This will be a de-escalation event. All forces must consist of a maximum of ONE Reinforced Platoon and no more than 14 order dice (FREE UNITS DO COUNT TOWARD THIS DICE TOTAL!). Tank Platoons with a maximum armor of 7 will be allowed. NO Special Characters, No Planes from the PDF supplement.

The platoons in the force must be selected using the army list section of the main rule book, one of the Armies of xxxx books, or an Approved Generic list of a minor country that does not have an Armies of xxxx book. All lists must be a generic platoon, No theater list.

Events to submitted to date-
Here is a brief run down of the over 90 events that have been submitted to date.  There is only one day left to get included in the PEL.  We will still be accepting event submissions.  On April 1st you can go to Tabletop Events link  to get the full descriptions and preregister for your favorite games

Visit Little Wars Wars Tabletop Events for Games list
Visit HMGS-Midwest website to download a full description of the games.

Little Wars Merchandise

We will have limited amounts of Little Wars products available. 

The dice are back again, with two types.  The HMGS-Shield Die is graciously bestowed on our GM's, one die per event.  If you want to get one of these collectibles, you know what to do.  The Little Wars Die is available for purchase, at the convention or online once registration opens up.

We also have our traditional T-Shirts, this time in two types.  The Staff shirts will be a heart felt-thank you, to our volunteers.  (As if you needed any other motivation).  The convention shirts will be available for purchase both on site and online, once registration opens up.

We also 

The Dealer Hall

Our vendor list continues to grow.  Here is a great chance to put your stimulus checks to work for you.

HMGS-Midwest is proud to sponsor the World War II Trivia Contest.  Held at the Schnitzel Platz in Glendale Heights, IL.  Come as a team or individual, and enjoy a great meal and drink if you prefer.  Test your knowledge against others and compete for prizes and bragging rights.  It is a great chance to socialize with your fellow history buffs and meet new ones.

Come join us for the next contest-April 7th

Housing-Room Block
The rooms are filling up fast, we have less than 15 nights available to us.   It will save you $20 per night.  Please use the link below to get your rooms now, space is limited.  If you cannot get in the Room-Block, email me directly at President@...

Visit Little Wars-Lombard Westin Room Block link

Little Wars maintains compliance with  State restrictions 

We are continuing to work with Lombard Westin to ensure compliance to the Governor's mandates.  Little Wars still passes the criteria in order to continue.  

Restrictions are continuing to ease.  I would urge all those who have not done so to preregister to do now.  We do have a 400 person maximum.  Masks are required, and temperatures will be checked at the door.  

It will be great seeing  you there.


Visit HMGS-Midwest
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