Re: Hello there!


Thank you for the book suggestion. Like Sylvain, I have just ordered it and am looking forward to reading it.
I have watched Revolution! I think it's a shame there aren't many more big-budget AWI films. As fun as the Patriot is, there is room for so much more!

Thank you for the video links. I was quite surprised to have found that I have watched them already! I'll be re-watching them however because they are quite well produced.
My favorite AWI documentary is from 1995, narrated by Charles Kuralt simply called "The Revolutionary War." It was shown on the military channel along with other such classics as "World War 2 In Colour"

I'll definitely be there on the 16th, and am looking forward to it. I am assuming the miniatures are supplied in this case, but I figured ill check just in case I have to speed out a batch.


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