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I uploaded the recent game pics to the club photo gallery.

Yes, we have a real photo gallery.
Judging by the number of you who have actually registered there it looks like most of you don't know about it.
Here's the link:
There's also a link on the club home page.
Go there.  Log in.  Look at the pretty pictures.  Maybe post some of your own.

And while you're being so ambitious, log into our club forum.
Yes, we have one of those too.
Attendance there is almost as low as the Gallery.
Here's the link:
The forum link is also on the home page.

We created those sites specifically because of the storage limits in
And, if ever decides to start charging, we'll have our own sites to use instead.
So, since we have them, set yourself up to use them. We may eventually have to drop like we dropped Yahoo.

Sylvain also set up a Files section in Google Drive for the club.
It is FULL of Rules, Ospreys, Books, and other stuff.
It's a bit tricky to access but once you have it set up you'll be happy.
Sylvain posted a complete tutorial on how to do it here a while back.
Its worth a visit.


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