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Tom Opalka

The Persians, Vikings, Biblicals and Modern French are still available.

Tom O

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I have the following items for sale/trade.  Willing to negotiate.  Email me directly at ponatowski@... if you have specific questions or want to see pictures of anything.

Thank you,

15mm World War 3 / Team Yankee French - I acquired this force 2nd hand.  It was painted in a winter scheme that I was going to strip.  Many models were damaged (wheels off, barrels off with some resin breaks) in shipment as the person I purchased them from shipped in a tool box without any kind of wrapping or padding.   Nothing a little TLC can't fix.
8x Gazelle HOT (missing a main rotar & a few tail rotars damaged)
4x Gazelle 20mm
2x Mirage
2x Mirage -busted up...was going to make objectives out of them
16x AMX10RC
3x AMX13 DCA Anti-Aircraft light tanks
4x AMX30
4x VAB Mephisto
4x VAB Mephisto new in box
10x VAB
2x full infantry platoons
Cards & some dice
Retail on this is just over $800; asking $200 due to condition.
28mm American Civil War Confederates - mostly loose, a few in packs.
45x Sash & Saber Confederate Infantry (lots of command)
CS3 Sash & Saber pack of 10 Confederate artillerists
2x Sash & Saber 10pdr Parrots (some paint)
2x CS10 Sash & Saber horse holders (2 horse holders & 8 horses total)
Partial Old Glory Confederate Headquarters camp set
Old Glory mounted Confederate Generals - Lee, Picket, Jackson, Stuart, Longstreet
Asking $50
28mm Achamenid Persians - all unpainted loose out of pack.
8x Heavy Cavalry (large models - Vendel?)
11x 1st Corps/Old Glory cavalry mixed
3x Essex horse archers
10x Essex horse archers without horses
69x 1st Corps & Old Glory infantry (mixed)
22 cavalry, 69 infantry & 10 extra riders - asking $50
25mm Vikings - 26 Corvus vikings/varangians  unpainted in packs - asking $10
25mm Biblicals - loose, unpainted miniatures except as noted
12x Ral Partha mixed javelinmen & slingers
27x unknown mixed biblical infantry
2 packs RAFM Elymian Archers (12 figures)
1 pack RAFM Javelinmen (6 figures)
2 packs RAFM Babylonian Levy Archer (12 figures)
69 infantry - asking $20
28mm Romans
2x Old Glory ballista with 5 crew (loose, unpainted)
13x 1st Corps Infantry (missing a few shields - some paint)
10x 1st Corps Cavalry (loose, unpainted)
Asking $20
28mm Indians
2x Nicely painted & based Old Glory Indian elephants with crew
Asking $60
28mm Gauls
4x Nicely painted 2 horse chariots.  Need a few crew glued down and basing detail done (currently textured & painted only)
64x unpainted Old Glory infantry including a few naked fanatics
11x unpainted Old Glory cavalry
Asking $60
25mm Successors - These are not larger 28mm figures; all are smaller figures that fit together.  The other lot of Successor listed is larger/modern 28mm style figures.
4x Naismith G40 Hellenistic Xystophorus Heavy Lancer in pack
3x Naismith G42 Seleucid Companion/Pergamene Heavy Cavalry in pack
7x Naismith G43 Seleucid Agema Line Cataphract in pack
7x Naismith G44 Hellenistic Style Seleucid Militia Cavalry in pack
5x Nicely painted Naismith cavalry
12x Nicely painted pikemen (unknown manufacturer)
12x unpainted pikemen in same pose as the painted figures above
6x unknown unpainted pikemen
16x loose Naismith pikemen (no shields)
Total of 21 unpainted cavalry, 5 painted cavalry, 12 painted infantry & 34 unpainted infantry - asking $50
28mm Successors - these are more modern sized figures.  All loose.
13x Vendel Pikemen
45x Old Glory pikemen
9x Essex pikemen
5x unknown hoplites
16x Old Glory Thracians
12x Essex & Old Glory cavalry riders only - no horses
Total of 97 infantry and 12 cav riders - asking $40
15mm World War 3 / Team Yankee Americans - RDF/LT Assault Guns, M551 Sheridans, UH1's, AH1's, Infantry
1 box Gripping Beast Arab Heavy Cavalry - GBP05
Age of Hannibal SAGA book
Age of Magic SAGA book
28mm Bavarian Napoleonics (Perry preferred, but open to others) - Light infantry command, light infantry, grenadiers, shutzen & line artillery with crew
28mm French Napoleonics (Perry or Warlord preferred, but open to others) - 2 sets of line infantry command in greatcoat, 1 set of Cheveaux Legere Cavalry command, line artillery with crew, 2 boxes Warlord Late French Line Infantry (WGN-FR-10)
28mm Napoleonics - possibly Prussian or other French allies
Fireforge 28mm boxes:
Mounted Templar Knights
Mounted Sgts
Russian Infantry
Foot Sgts
Scandanavian Infantry

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