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Another good source to learn is YouTube 
I usually put YouTube in the background when I paint. They have some very good documentaries about the AWI and the civil war. They usually come from the history channel before they started specializing in the aliens building pyramids. 
I have not listened any napoleonic videos as I have studied them extensively in my youth. 

Let me know if you want me to send you some links. 


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John, thank you for the advice! I am definitely looking forward to playing for a few meetings and getting to see the other aspects of miniature gaming. 
I have definitely felt the toy soldier effect as well as the history aspect. I've been burning through books related to the AWI and Napoleonic campaigns.

Michael, I have been thoroughly enjoying the 2nd edition of black powder. Have you ever played "Sharp Practice?" I've been using it to play small skirmishes with the family over the holidays and have found it quite fun.

Thank you all,
I hope to meet in 2021,


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