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Hi Aslan,

Welcome to the group.   I and a couple of others are currently staying away from the meetings because of COVID, but later in 2021 I am sure we will meet up.   

Wargamers are a bit mixed in terms of personalities, like any group, but the key question after a game is "Did you have fun??"   

There are 3 elements to historical miniature gaming - (1) the toy soldier effect which we often have a love for from our childhood - this is where the collecting, assembling and painting come in, (2) the history - which is why people often buy military history books or go on the web, to flesh out their understanding of a particular battle or campaign, and (3) the competitive side where you want to win the particular game/scenario.   For most people it is a mix of all three.

Do come and play for a few meetings.   You need to see different games with different rules to get a real appreciation of the hobby before deciding if it is for you.

You can ask any question you have here;.  Someone will know the answer.

John Curran

On Tuesday, December 29, 2020, 12:04:19 PM MST, Aslan <aslanhicks520@...> wrote:

I'm new in town so I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Aslan, and I've been wanting to join a group for some time. I've been collecting and painting for two years, but I haven't had a ton of people to play with where I'm from, so when I moved to Phoenix I thought it would be a great opportunity to find a group and start to play and get to know people. I reached out to Bob, and he let me know that I should introduce myself on here, so here I am!

I'm 18, so rather young, and I'm still very much learning about the world of historical minis and wargaming. This is the first time I've ever really reached out to other wargamers and mini collectors, so I'm very excited. So far I only have troops in 28mm. I love anything black powder currently have armies for British and French Napoleonic, and well as American and British AWI. I also recently got the Bolt Action starter pack kit from Warlord, and have been enjoying putting those sprues together. I'm looking forward to expanding into new time periods soon! I'm still very new to the hobby, and any advice or tips would be much appreciated. I'm also a pretty big D&D fan or any roleplaying system, so if anyone is looking for another player or DM, please reach out.
When I'm not working on minis I study Journalism and Criminology at ASU.

Hopefully, I'll be coming to an event soon, I'm shooting for Sylvain's AWI rule test on the 16th. I'm out of town until the 5th visiting family for the holidays, but I cant wait to get back and come to an event.

Thank you all, hope to be playing with you soon.

"Sophisticated, charming and humble" - all down to his club shirt!

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