Game Day: Rebels and Patriots AWI - Rules Changes

Sylvain Durand

Bob and I exchanged emails and we will change the rules for the Rebels and Patriots AWI with the following:
  1. Non Skirmishers need to be in one of the 3 formations: Close Order, Open Order (in Line but a stand between them) and in Column (they only get half of the dice for shooting)
  2. Flank shots on a Unit in Close Order is +1 to Dice Roll
  3. Guns can Limber/Unlimber: Movement of 8" and limber/unlimber cost 4". Limbered guns don't get the special rules for Artillery in the Open
  4. Light troops and Skirmishers will get a +1 in skirmish formation and cumulate them with Cover. 
  5. For activation I will follow Tom Fraser suggestion 1-1 = 1 Unit receive 1 Disorder, 6-6 remove 1 disorder within 6" of any part of the unit (including the unit)
  6. Shooting is always in the front of the unit except for Skirmishers

I am working on special dice rules for Ed :-) Luck was clearly away from him


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