My last quiz


I realize that too much thinking will injure some of you so this will be the last quiz I put up. I think it’ll be pretty easy for you and will make you feel somewhat superior to the unwashed masses. 

Presidential movie quiz

This one should be easy. 

I’ll note the name of the movie and you’ll say which American President we should associate with it. 


He might be a character in the movie, or maybe he’ll be one of the actors. 


  1. The Enforcer of Federalism: ________ ________. 
  2. They died with their boots on. 
  3. All the President’s Men. 
  4. Rough Riders. 
  5. The Missiles of October. 
  6. ________  ________; Vampire Hunter. 
  7. The Crossing. 
  8. ________  _______: Good, Evil and the Presidency
  9. ________: American Badass. 
  10. Iran: Days of Crisis. 


Special bonuses:   

  1. Mars Attacks
  2. Air Force One
  3. Iron Sky

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