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Michael M

How are you handling the surprise flanking maneuver Howe pulled off? Wasn't there a ford that Washington didn't know about? Or was it a Chevy?

Michael Machell

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around 14 by 6 at 1 fig = 20 to 25 scale

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How much table space do you need for the game?

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The others minis are for Brandywine. 
A 20-year old dream to play the whole Brandywine and Bob has the table for it :-)


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Poor Sylvain. New research says there were 43,000 more troops at Guilford Courthouse.
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I am painting the Guilford Courthouse miniatures in 28mm at the 1:10 scale. I have already painted 700 and have about 300 left. I started last May
I will run the same scenario 3 times with 3 different rulesets at Bob: Regimental Fire and Fury, Biritsh Grenadier, Rise and FIght again
Then I will run more AWI
This is one of my favorite period and my favorite to game in 28mm
I have a total of 4000 minis (well 3300 to paint now)
I purchased most of them just before meeting my wife and never had the time to get into it. Well COVID has some good... even if I rather have the pre COVID life
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I believe that scenario  is built for Tricorn 

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Hopefully, I should be able to run Guilford Courthouse games by January
I had to take a break in painting, I had 5 symptoms of COVID but my test came back negative (CVS is only 2-3 days). It seems like it was the water I drank at home after I had a water softener installed.
I will keep quarantine myself for a few weeks but I should be back gaming soon
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Seriously, we have a good time trash talking over the internet.  Mike has the application down pretty well; Ray and I are still learning.
I'm with Mike on COVID.  My wife is high risk, so I am being extra careful.  But I'm ready to push lead and throw dice with the club again!
Michael Machell
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I am sorry for my lack of attendance, but my wife and I will be closing on a home in Mesa next Wed. So we will only be 15 minutes away! Hopefully we get COVID under control so we can have some fun again. If anyone is interested in joining Ray and Mike and I on Thursday evenings please let me know. You need a steam account and a copy of Tabletop Simulator which is 10 bucks on sale. 

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I think it would be wise to push it back.  
We have no idea what the virus will do during the winter.  Could be OK.  Could be bad.  Equally no idea exact timeline for vaccine. etc. etc.
On Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 02:33:00 PM MST, Bob <brodgers.cell@...> wrote:
The lack of gamers at present leads me to wonder if we need to push out the Leipzig game until sometime in the spring?   We should really have between 15-20 players fo rthe game.

What does the colective brain trust think?


"Sophisticated, charming and humble" - all down to his club shirt!

Mike Dolan

Mike Dolan

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