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Where is your new house?
Major cross streets?

On Sep 23, 2020, at 8:52 AM, Mike Dolan <dolanz999@...> wrote:

I am sorry for my lack of attendance, but my wife and I will be closing on a home in Mesa next Wed. So we will only be 15 minutes away! Hopefully we get COVID under control so we can have some fun again. If anyone is interested in joining Ray and Mike and I on Thursday evenings please let me know. You need a steam account and a copy of Tabletop Simulator which is 10 bucks on sale. 

On Sep 22, 2020, at 9:12 PM, JC via <curranjohng@...> wrote:

I think it would be wise to push it back.  

We have no idea what the virus will do during the winter.  Could be OK.  Could be bad.  Equally no idea exact timeline for vaccine. etc. etc.


On Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 02:33:00 PM MST, Bob <brodgers.cell@...> wrote:

The lack of gamers at present leads me to wonder if we need to push out the Leipzig game until sometime in the spring?   We should really have between 15-20 players fo rthe game.

What does the colective brain trust think?


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