Re: Ed Bearss passed away

Michael M

Yes, he and Shelby Foote made the story come alive.

Michael Machell

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That's a shame. Always liked he and Shelby Foote the most from the Ken Burns doc.

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This came through today. 

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Subject: Ed Bearss passed away

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We've received news that legendary Civil War Historian Ed Bearss has passed away. A decorated WWII Marine Corps veteran, Bearss, who was 97 years old, rose to national prominence as a talking head during the Ken Burns documentary “The Civil War,” but that is only a small part of his fantastic legacy. Among his innumerable accomplishments, Bearss was the former chief historian of the National Park Service. He was known for his discovery of the ironclad USS Cairo in the Yazoo river and his efforts to have it raised and preserved, his tremendous efforts to protect hallowed ground, and for giving countless battlefield tours across the spectrum of American military history, but with a focus on the Civil War. As anyone who attended his tours can attest, his indefatigable energy and vigor put many decades younger than him to shame. Bearss lived a long and fruitful life pursing his passion for history, and engaging others in his interest. We won’t see the likes of this amazing charismatic personality again. He was one of a kind. Rest in peace.

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