Re: The Graying of the Hobby Or... Flogging a Very Old Horse

Kochese (Larry)

I've been collecting and playing historicals since I was 18. Still found time when the kids were little, to still play once a month. This was before internet, so play by mail campaigns  were the way to go. Communication with friends all over the country and overseas was by USPS . It's a tad easier now.
By the way, the hobby was graying in the Seventies, and not going to survive. History does not go away.

On Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 12:47 PM El Rolando <rollandlahaie@...> wrote:
Watched Little Wars TV's video about whether or not historical gaming is dying out, and while there were good points made, I don't see it.  It's an expensive, and time intensive hobby that is best suited for folks middle aged and older.  Though I was a semi-active club member in my late 20's, attending the odd game here and there, I was never able to devote the time I seem to have now in my late 30's to painting, terrain building, and gaming fairly regularly.  In fact, because there was always a financial obligation or saving for a big purchase (like a home) going on in my 20's, paired with young children all over the house, I barely picked up a brush for almost a decade.

During that time, I still kept up on miniature lines, rule sets, and dreamed of the days when I would have the time and money for the truly big projects I wanted to dive into when I had the trifecta of time, money, and space.  I didn't fall away from gaming or a lifelong love of toy soldiers.  I guess the point I'm trying to make, is that it's a hobby that is always going to look 'gray,' because it isn't until your hair starts losing a bit of colour that you can really dive into it.

Anyway, was wondering what the members of our own group thought about it, if they've thought about it at all.

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