Yahoo mail doesn't like the Table Top Gaming Society


Apparently Yahoo mail thinks TTG is some sort of spam.  I hadn't received any mail from the group in the last 2 weeks.  Thought maybe people were too hot or socially regressed or whatever.   Eventually looked in my spam folder and found it full of TTG messages.  Yahoo is the only mail service I belong to that does not indicate when there are messages in spam - very annoying.  I rescued the messages and found as always incredible enlightenment......

The only other message in my spam folder was from Amazon, telling me I needed to verify my account.  Just click on the "Verify" tab.   No problem.  Always respond to demands for my password.
I was a bit puzzled as the message began "Dear Costumer"....
Must have been Amazon Clothes department...............

(must have 
"Sophisticated, charming and humble" - all down to his club shirt!

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