#ForSale 3D Printer + Filament #ForSale


Mornin' all,

I have an old da Vinci 2.0 A Duo 3D printer that I don't need/want anymore. Still fully functional so far as I know but will probably need the build plate re-leveled from its move to AZ. Would include at least 1 extra spool of filament and more if I can find them in the house. Prints at fairly decent resolution for things like terrain. Retailed back in the day for $600, today $200 would be nice, best offer could be discussed. You could either pick it up in Scottsdale or I could bring it to a game day and we could do a sketchy exchange in front of Bob's house. It is pretty bulky so fitting it in the back of a sedan might be a trick.

Lemme know if anyone is interested,


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