Fw: At Home With Arizona PBS Vol. 10: Summer Kick-Off Edition



In case U missed it, Arizona PBS has put 179 history documentaries on line for free.  I think it's a limited time thing.
Not much military history but some - The Chinese Terracotta Warriors for one.  And there is something called the Tank Man?!?
(Ed, I did not know they made a documentary about you - way to go, dude!)

Other stuff people might be interested in such as Ken Burn's Baseball, etc.
Anyway page down, hit the link and see if any of them interest you!


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At Home with Arizona PBS

At Home with Arizona PBS is a weekly email newsletter designed to bring you the latest information concerning COVID-19 and supply free resources for parents and educators. Arizona PBS is here to help make your time at home more informed, enjoyable and educational. 

COVID-19 News Updates

COVID-19 News Updates
How will the arts in Arizona change in a post-pandemic world? Submit your questions!
Will you be able to attend the ballet soon? What about art exhibits? What does the future look like for the arts in Arizona?

On June 5, Jaime Dempsey, executive director of the Arizona Commission on the Arts, and Mark Mettes, president and CEO of the Herberger Theatre Center, will join Ted Simons to answer questions from viewers on the future of performing arts in Arizona. SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS HERE >>

Good news for history lovers!
Have you decided that it’s high time to take a step back and look at the big picture? Is your teenager sick of your attempts to remember history class in your newly-founded home school? Here are 179 history documentaries you can watch right now, no membership required. More >>
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Activities & Resources for Parents and Families

Arizona PBS Family Night with Molly of Denali!
On this weekend’s Arizona PBS KIDS Family Night, get ready to sled into fun with Molly of Denali! Join Molly, an Alaska Native girl, her dog Suki, and friends Tooey and Trini on their adventures in epically beautiful Alaska. Find out what happens on #ArizonaPBSKIDSFamilyNight. More >>

An out-of-this-world activity
Explore the wonders that make up our galaxy by recreating its beauty in a bottle. More >>

Explore Alaska with "Molly of Denali"
Learn about the Northern Lights, animals of Alaska and more with these "Molly of Denali" printables. More >>
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    Resources for Educators

    Free, online professional development
    Start your summer with some free, online, self-paced professional development for PreK and early elementary teachers:  Playful Science Inquiry with Young Children. Would you like to include this on your Arizona Registry professional development report?  Email us at azpbslearn@... for next steps. More >>

    Programming for older students
    Working with students in upper grades? Arizona PBS provides science, social studies, literature, career and technical education programming that can be found on each of its channels you will find useful to continue learning throughout the summer months.  Explore the At-Home Learning schedule and the daytime schedule on 8.1, Life 8.2 and World 8.3. More >>

    PBS Zoom backgrounds
    Still Zoom conferencing through the summer school? Enjoy some PBS KIDS backgrounds to liven it up! More >>
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