Re: Review of In Deo Veritas, new pike and shot rules from Helion


Well he said he has not played them yet, so allowance must be made for - what I would call - reserved judgement, rather than vagueness.

Is that vague enough for you? :-) or will you reserve judgement?


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I too would like an enjoyable set of Thirty Years War rules. Or 17th century etc.

I thought FOGR is decent, but break down on scale. You don’t feel like you are fighting a full battle.  I bought the twilight rules and I haven’t gotten my head around those yet.

So I am looking because I think the classic TYW battles could be interesting. You have to get the balance of requiring a serious and bloody fight among the infantry that is as decisive as winning on the mounted wings. Too many rules, allow you to win the cavalry battle and then functionally play little big horn and that is not how the big TYW battles ended.


But with respect I think his review is rather vague. But don’t take me as a naysayer yet.


The rules publisher has a lot of links however. Some of these links look quite encouraging. 6x4 table with 21-units on a side.  A unit is 3” (76mm) wide which could easily be adapted to my existing width of 40mm as FOGR units are essentially 80mm . Based on my experience that is about twice the density of troops, which could give a nice feel for TYW battles which were crowded and not Napoleonic grand tactical maneuvers.

The QRS show 3” range and 10”+ moves so you get in close fast.

Looks like combat is I get so may dice then you get so many saves = hits.  Looks like 4 step losses for units (sound->disorder->disrupted->rout). So that explains the need for density which is smart.

There is a sample scenario, which for me reassures me on the density of the battle.


So I am up for trying this out. Half tempted to order a copy.



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Rules review is attached.   Always seems to be particular dissatisfaction with Pike and Shot rules.  Perhaps this may address the itch?


I like his reviews because he takes the rules apart in broad terms of mechanisms used, and discusses which work and which don't with reference to his particular needs from a ruleset (club gaming with buddies).



"Sophisticated, charming and humble" - all down to his club shirt!

"Sophisticated, charming and humble" - all down to his club shirt!

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