Those are by Andy Callan, I think.  They first appeared in one of the earliest editions of WI.   That mag became a bit of a collector's item because it contained those rules.   There were spin offs such as "Close Files and something (forgotten what the 2nd part was).  

A lot of the ideas found their way into British Grenadier.

Lacking any genuine new original stuff (beyond fluff pieces), WI resorts to reprinting old stuff, I guess.
I think I am so pissed at WI because it used to be a great mag with lots of solid material, not just opinion or promotional stuff.


On Friday, April 24, 2020, 10:11:55 AM MST, Ed <ekj2908@...> wrote:

One of the bite-sizes has the rules for "Loose Files and American Scramble"  which is not about egg recipes but rather AWI rules that I have looked at and seemed good to me.  Never played though.

On 4/24/2020 8:39 AM, Bob wrote:
I uploaded the new Wargames Illustrated "Bite Size 2" mini-mag into the free stuff directory for your reading pleasure.
It is CHOCK FULL of wargaming goodness.

These mini-mags are apparently coming out once a week until the lockdown is over.
I'll post them up when I get them.
So stay tuned..


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