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As it happens, Bill Withans, a gamer friend from LA, just posted this on the Crossfire group.
At the bottom of the email are listed Crossfire websites for further game resources.

1a. Re: Brand new to Crossfire
  From: Vonkluge (Bill Witthans) <vonkluge@...>
  Date: Tue, 07 Apr 2020 09:00:56 MST

As Steve P says you can play it with individual figures on individual bases. Your just treating that single figure an a single base as the squad, Heavy Weapon team, or commander. The downside is "looks" it wont look nearly as good. What I have done over the years when exploring new rules for periods that I already had figures for but had a different basing size or system was to simply put cut bases the correct size and put a few figures on them, play the game and then if I liked the game commit to re-basing. This also make the re-basing easier since you can do it gradually and still play. I had / have nearly 1,000 20mm figures and vehicles all based singely for other games and just cut out  bases to put them on while trying out the game. I have re-based all of them since! My squads are 3 infantrymen to a base, In a platoon there are two bases with 3 infantrymen on each and a third base with the light machine gun, they all fight as infantry squads but look good and allow you to use a lot of figures from your old collection. Platoon commanders 1 figure, Company commander 2 figures, and Battalion command 3-4. Heavy weapon all get their on bases with appropriate figures. vehicles are singly mounted.

I have been playing WWII games for almost 30 years and have gone through many rule sets including writing my own (fairly popular in my area) but finally found and suck with "Crossfire" because of the uniqueness, simplicity, and speed of play. The hardest thing about "Crossfire" is wrapping your head around its style of game play. I must admit I hated Crossfire for quite awhile after playing a few "demo" games at conventions where the rules were not explained well enough for "me" to get my head around. I think one of the was at a convention in San Francisco with Steve Phenow many moons ago! Years later I gave it a try again (with a more open mind) and loved it. There are several great websites out there with lots of Crossfire info on them. is one info another and I also have my site ( ) with some good crossfire info, pictures, and battle reports as well as links to the two websites I've mentioned.
Bill W


On Thursday, April 9, 2020, 04:50:44 PM MST, Ed <ekj2908@...> wrote:

If you are as bored as I am, please have a look at the Crossfire game report I put on my blog

It is 2 parts.  Lots of pics.  I also try to explain a little bit about how Xfire is played for anyone who is not familiar with it.

Watch this space for my next project!


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