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Nice one Ed.   

One of my favorite convention games was a Saving Private Ryan at Little Wars in Chicago.

I was the US sniper.   I had some bonuses (forget what) as the sniper so I could get a suppressed fairly easily.  
The Germans came on the board, unwisely exposed themselves (I was in the Church tower) and suffered accordingly.   It was a multiplayer.  As I suppressed or killed a German about 3 out of 4 times, I would usually retain the initiative.  Each time I turned to the other Americans and asked if they wanted to take the move.   Each time the response was the same "No, no, dude.  You're doing fine.  Just keep doing what you're doing".  

Finally the Germans kicked in the Church door.   They had failed to hit me shooting because I was in hard cover, so they were determined to get me hand-to-hand.    I saw the Germans would get to the Church the next time they won the initiative (the ratio went about 3 moves - me to 1 move - Germans) so I had dee-deed down stairs to the ground floor with my last move.    The Germans missed me.  So I shot dead the first Kraut in the door (I think it was single figures rather than squads, to match the movie better), and used the follow on move to bail out the back into an orchard.

The other US guys had seen what was coming, and had rearranged themselves (the Americans were hidden until they fired or contacted, so for the whole first part of the game I was the only American unit on the board).   You moved hidden by notifying the gamemaster where you wanted to go.  If there was a chance the Germans could spot  you crossing a street or similar, the gamemaster had them roll a spotting roll (without telling them what they were trying to spot).   

When the Germans came out of the church, they fired at me (in cover) but missed.  The other US guys had set up a crossfire on the orchard and pretty soon the Germans were at about 70% losses.  The gamemaster called it.  There were no US casualties.  I had disposed of about 40% of the Germans.   For the rerun later in the Con, apparently the gamemaster changed the rules and the sniper was much reduced in power.  Surprise, surprise!!


PS I have to admit I was rubbing it in by reciting the 23rd Psalm (as in the movie) as I was reloading.
"The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want, etc."  After a turn or two of German carnage, the GM told me to knock it off!!   Apparently it was distressing the Krauts.............

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If you are as bored as I am, please have a look at the Crossfire game report I put on my blog

It is 2 parts.  Lots of pics.  I also try to explain a little bit about how Xfire is played for anyone who is not familiar with it.

Watch this space for my next project!


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