Re: A Viral Missive.


Very literary Larry!

Signed The Raven.

On Monday, April 6, 2020, 01:56:36 PM MST, Kochese (Larry) <kochese@...> wrote:

While I ponder, weak and weary, about My life which which now is dreary.

 It's that Damn Virus which is to blame; nowhere to go, no place to Game.

But through it all there is some light! My Ass has Paper on which to wipe!
My Fridge is full, the Ales are cold. It just suck's that life's on hold.

When the Easter Bunny shows up Sunday...If he is not wearing a mask and
gloves... Blow his furry ass away!
The End, with apologies to Edgar Allen Poe

"Sophisticated, charming and humble" - all down to his club shirt!

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