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Sylvain Durand

I will start painting my 28mm AWI in a week or two when I am done with my El cid Spanish. They are mostly Perry and Foundry with a few Front Rank
I have around 1000 continentals and 1000 British to paint !!! And then I have the hessians and French to paint. Enough to do any battles at 1:20 and smaller ones at 1:10

I am looking at 4 rulesets now that I have. Rise and Fight again (newer one), black powder, British grenadiers and Regimental fire and fury for AWI. Any comments welcome on those rules. I might try all of them in my room in solo and then put the same game with two sets so we can judge. 

Which ones have you played?

Let the painting start !!!


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Happy to offer my 28s.

Michael Machell

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I don’t have any AWI figures. So I will play that period with whatever rules the game master uses. 


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i have the AWI version of it (British grenadiers). Is there any desire to try them?


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