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Michael M

Still painting late 17th century figures.  The Imperial Army is complete except for washing and sealing.  I'm now working on the Savoyards.  I still have France, Spain and the Ottomans to do.

Michael Machell

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Hello All,

I have been working on my own tree collection as I had none previously. I also have a battalion of French and one of Austrians on the bench. I have started  to play Tabletop Simulator Commands and Colors Nappy with my friend in Pittsburgh. I have worked out the bugs and this game is pretty easy, with a very small learning curve. If anyone has TTS on Steam and would like to join a game or just play please let me know. You can scale this up for multiplayers as well. There are many small scenarios as well as some Epic battles for multiple players, ie let me know.

On Mon, Mar 23, 2020 at 7:02 PM Bob <brodgers@...> wrote:
It appears that we all will be staying home for a while.  So in the meantime you can all report on any gaming projects you’re working on while you’re locked in.

Now that I have Snappy Nappy pretty well dialed in I can putter with other things.

I just bought some Napoleonic Poles from Tom and will be rebasing them to match the rest of my Naps.

And I have a bit of resin left so I’ll probably use it up casting some more scatter terrain pieces.

Anyone else working on anything hobby related while you’re home?


Mike Dolan

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