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I'd be up to try March Attack since we can get the pdf and all be somewhat familiar with it when we start testing.

On 3/6/2020 8:16 AM, Bob wrote:

My copies of Snappy Nappy and March Attack have arrived.

Initial impressions:

Both use the same basing. Two stands per cav or inf unit. Artillery uses one stand except in March Attack where large batteries can use two stands. 

Both seem scaleable up to what we need without too much trouble.

March Attack is more professionally done and the graphics are better. But both are good enough to give you the information you need to play. 

SN came with one QRS but it is mis-cut and parts of it are chopped off. Luckily we have the PDF version already. There is a slightly different one in the rule book  

SN came with a CD of synthesized period (supposedly) music. It sounds almost like accordion music to me.  I didn’t care for it. It’s now in the “Trash to Treasure” box. 

MA did not come with a separate QRS. The QRS is in the rule book. Again, luckily we already have the PDF version. 

Overall, on first glance, I prefer MA. But that may Just be because of the pretty pictures. Either one will do the trick. MA will also have the advantage in that we have a PDF version of the rules in the files so it’s free if you don’t want to buy new rules.

I’ll be interested to hear from others.

got them both from On Military Matters. 


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