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Sylvain Durand

Thanks for the Edit. I updated the Sheet.
The CinC is something I came up yesterday, The intent is to model multiple players. It is free unit but an half strength of 3 Mounted Men at Arms. It cannot do anything but move or defend in Melee. 
I have prepared miniatures that will be based 3 on a 2 inches round base together to represent the leader (my Retinue Leaders are 2 on a base)
As a club we can decide how to represent the leader. We can have the loss of the leader meaning the loss of the battle (a medieval leader loss is pretty bad) or just the loss of the Activation chips
I took your idea of one failure per player plus distributed chips. This time, I added that chips should be distributed at the beginning of the turn. 
I have also updated the sequence that all wild charges have to occur before any players starts activating (Michael M. will love this rule so this time I cannot burn all the chips before he finishes his first charge)
The Strategic move beyond 24" is my add too. It will speed up the game for reinforcement and early turns.
I extended the +1 to Retinue Leader or CinC which means, not cumulative

As always, as a club we can decide how we tweak the rules
When it is stable, I would not mind sending a copy to the authors


On Thursday, January 30, 2020, 09:44:14 AM MST, Bob <brodgers@...> wrote:


I reviewed your outline. Nice work.
I made a few notes for discussion and/or clarification.
See the attached WORD doc, I tracked the changes so you can see what I did.

Click “View” , “Markups”. If you can’t see my notes.
Turn on “Track Changes” if you want to continue tracking any modifications.


On Jan 29, 2020, at 11:24 PM, Sylvain via Groups.Io <Sylvainnc@...> wrote:

Bob and other Lion Rampant Fans,

I am making progress on my Moors and Spanish for a big battle game. 
I have twisted the rules for a Big Battle adding strategic moves. I added some suggestions from Dave such as an evade means activation for next turn. I have added the Counter Charge as an Activation, I also combine the QRS and the rules in a single sheet and added the colored markers (I have a good set of colored chip)

I am attaching it so we can discuss later.

<Lion Rampant Big Battle Game.docx>

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