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Any Jenkin’s Ear figures should do. 
You may have to do some minor modifications to the helmets. 

Larry seems to have a good handle on the flags. 

If you want the motorcycle and sidecar you’ll probably have to use a BMW and glue a small freezer box onto it’s side. I haven’t seen any commercially available models that look like the one in the film. 

I’m not sure where you can get the Victrola. 
You’ll probably have to scratch build one. 


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 Bob, are you recommending this as a new war gaming project for us all? Where can we get these miniatures?

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Take a look at this clip from a ( Polish…Russian ? )war movie.
There is an excellent representation regarding the importance of a proper marching cadence.
There is also a very good simulation of the effectiveness of a 37mm AT gun vs infantry.
Although the gunners seem a bit young.

The uniforms (especially the officers) are pretty good too.

I admit I don’t recognize the flags.
Maybe one of you period experts can tell us about them.


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