Re: PZIIIs overrun Americans in Tunisia (photo)

Michael M

My first thought as well.  There are always shiny new toys to buy.

Michael Machell

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I will always find something to spend money on. Haha. But agreed, this club has always been pretty first rate.

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Fully agreed, not finding a good club was my biggest fear when I left Chicago 
I used to game 3 times a week and I am glad we are now a big club with lots of armies and good players

Concerning, "None of us would have to buy another figure", we are wargamers, temptation is strong :-)


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That's the best thing about this club.  We have so many members, with so many armies, that none of us would have to buy another figure for the rest of our lives and still be able to play any period or any set of rules!

FYI, in BKC IV, each model represents one platoon.

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Well this looks more visually appealing to me than other WW 2. I see a lot WW 2 games that have tanks lined up tread to tread.

Generally modern is not been my period, although Sam Mustafa’s Rommel rules got me looking at the period. But I think his rules are a level higher than Blitzkrieg commander. His scale is something close to 1 foot = 1 KM, I think.

But I have no figures post 1815 so as I said I am more observer here.



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Subject: [The-Table-Top-Gaming-Society] PZIIIs overrun Americans in Tunisia (photo)


Attached is a photo from yesterday's test run of Blitzkrieg Commander IV.  There are only a couple of major changes from the previous editions, primarily in the reconnaissance rules; recce units DO have value.


The photo shows PZIIIs overrunning the American covering force.  You can see destroyed M3 Lee tanks and a few US half tracks that couldn't pull back fast enough.


We had to finish before the Germans had to deal with the town, but their intent was to by-pass the town in order to break into the US rear (exit the board).


A lot of fun, even to Bob and me....and we lost!


Our intent is to get familiar with the rules and then run a larger game on a Saturday.





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