Re: PZIIIs overrun Americans in Tunisia (photo)

Michael M

I am envious of you retired guys gaming on a Thursday! Looks great.

Michael Machell

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From: Ray Levesque <raylev3@...>
Date: 1/10/20 11:24 AM (GMT-07:00)
Subject: [The-Table-Top-Gaming-Society] PZIIIs overrun Americans in Tunisia (photo)

Attached is a photo from yesterday's test run of Blitzkrieg Commander IV.  There are only a couple of major changes from the previous editions, primarily in the reconnaissance rules; recce units DO have value.

The photo shows PZIIIs overrunning the American covering force.  You can see destroyed M3 Lee tanks and a few US half tracks that couldn't pull back fast enough.

We had to finish before the Germans had to deal with the town, but their intent was to by-pass the town in order to break into the US rear (exit the board).

A lot of fun, even to Bob and me....and we lost!

Our intent is to get familiar with the rules and then run a larger game on a Saturday.



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