Re: Today’s battle


Buffed up Coats worked  out despite early skepticism by ill informed louts such as me!
Have to admit grumbling partly caused by Dave R. more or less rolling me under the table ( at one point 3 snake-eyes follow by a "3"!!! - low numbers are bad!).  The dice gods really had it in for me today.  Fortunately my colleague Seth broke the heretics' center and the Covenanters were in decline on their right so the game was called in favor of the good guys, i.e. Montrose's happy few! 
The first 3 photos are of "vignettes" that Bob painted up.  
The one by the pier is of the traditional testing to see if someone was a witch - by repetitive dunking.   If they survived then they obviously were a witch.   If they drowned then apparently they were not a witch - which of course came as a great consolation to the dead non-witch!!
After discussion we are going to try an Ancients game using Tactica II the Saturday after thanksgiving, Nov. 30th.
Romans vs. Carthaginians.   Am going to post it if I can work out how to use the calendar..........
PS Understand Ray had a medical issue.  We all wished him a speedy recovery!

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