Upcoming Event: GAME DAY - The Battle of Inverlochy - Sat, 11/16/2019 12:00pm-5:00pm, Please RSVP #cal-reminder

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Reminder: GAME DAY - The Battle of Inverlochy

When: Saturday, 16 November 2019, 12:00pm to 5:00pm, (GMT-07:00) America/Phoenix

Where:The War Room

An RSVP is requested. Click here to RSVP

Organizer: Bob

Description: Battle of Inverlochy. (Feb 2, 1645)
The Marquis of Montrose’s royalist forces are attacking roughly twice their number of Parliamentary Covenanters and Highlanders under the command of Sir Duncan Campbell. 

Montrose’s force has a large contingent of MacDonalds, blood enemies of the Campbells. So the situation is ripe for some arse-whuppin’.

Period: English Civil War
: Bibles & Buff Coats
Scale: 28mm

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