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That looks pretty darn good.


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Forgot to attach the spreadsheet

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During our group meeting, I had mentioned that one domain we can improve is the creation of Order of Battle and Counter. Having good counter prevents having to go back and forth between the unit and the sheets, and remove any confusion of which unit is what.

I went to a Blog and downloaded the Order of Battle for Varna 1444, one of the battles I would like to paint with. They use Pike and Shotte. AAR Battle of Varna 1444

Here is how the spreadsheet works:
  • Tab "Ottomans OOB" contains the order of battle. All you have to fill are columns A to C. There is a VLOOKUP that looks at the Ottoman Troops and populates the rest of the OOB
  • Tab "Ottoman Counters" contains the Counters to be put on the command stand. The counter is supposed to contains all the stats for the unit. It is generated by clicking the button "Generate Counters" on the Ottomans OOB tab. I have not implemented it but there will be a Macro that generates the counters. It will take me an hour or two to write the macro.The macro will take the color of the wing and use the colors of the cell.
  • Tab "Ottoman Troops" contains all the stats of the units
Once the Spreadsheets are ready, you can generate counters and OOB in less than 20 minutes

Here is the OOB
Inline image

Here are the examples of counters:
Inline image

Is anybody interested in me creating a Spreadsheet like that for the next Black Powder game or similar games with stats?
I created something similar for Classical Hack 20 years ago,



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