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Don L

On August 21, 2019 at 1:54 PM Bob <brodgers@...> wrote:

Bob, I definitely want to send an order and had planned on being at the Russo-Turk Black Powder game. Now that it been cancelled, I will find some way to get these to you. Unfortunately, I can't make the game on the 24th. Don


Guys, Start bagging up whatever you want to send off to Philgreg to be painted. Bring it over when you come to the next couple of games and I’ll put the order together and advise you on the cost after everyone gets their stuff in and I can weigh it all.
Costs include:- The  paint job (paid up front)- Postage there (you pay a proportionate percentage based on weight up front)- Postage back ( you pay a proportionate percentage based on weight before they ship it all back)
There are usually three levels of paint job to pick from; Wargamer, Collector, and Showcase. 
Put your figures in ziplock baggies. Include a picture of how you want them painted, Note how many in each bag. And put your name on the bag.
Cavalry counts as two figures. Even if it’s a one-piece casting.
Here’s the link if you need more info:



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