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Michael and Bob
Glad you play Saga and Prescott. Some good gamers from Las Vegas were looking for players in their city. It is “only” 4 hours from you and I am only 1.5 hours from you guys. 
It might be a good solution in the long term. 
I have been to the store you play. Nice store. 


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Great looking game. Up here in Prescott we have been playing a fantasy version of SAGA. I put together some photographs of todays game and set it to music. You can have a look here.


Im still fiddling with it trying to get more explaining text in I’m thinking.


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Here are a couple pics from yesterday’s game. Many thanks to Michael for running it.


In the pictures are:  Clark, David, Mike, Chad, Ray, Ed, John & Timothy.


Also present, but not pictured were Larry, Michael, Bob and the Swedish Bikini Team.


A great time was had by all.









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