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Michael M

Most of my horse and musket figures are OG mainly because I like the price and variety.  There is a good variety of animated poses and they paint up nicely even if they don't quite have the panache of some more expensive lines. They mix well with Foundry, Perry, Front Rank and a few others.  I don't have ancients, dark ages or renaissance in 25mm, so can't speak to how they blend with figures for those periods.

Michael Machell

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For people unfamiliar with Old Glory 25s, a bag I sell for $18 costs about $38 and contains 30 infantry or 10 cavalry. It is about 60 cents a foot and 1,80 a mounted.

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Old Glory 25mm (it was in the email title but not in the Subject)

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Who is the manufacturer?

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Subject: [The-Table-Top-Gaming-Society] 25mm Old Glory for Sale In bags

I am cutting on my amount of lead. I have the following NIB back that are below 50% retail
If you are ok with miniatures out of the bag or primed black, let me know I have a ton that have been sitting in boxes for the last 10 to 20 years. Let me know what you are looking for and I will send you what I am unloading.

CWG-27 Balearic Slingers [1 pack] $18 per pack
PAC-04 Imperial Roman High Command [1 pack] $13 per pack
PPR-05 Velites [1 pack] $18 per pack
PLS-2 Mounted Clibanarris [6 packs] $18 per pack
PLS-3 Medium Infantry [4 packs] $18 per pack
PLS-4 Archers [2 packs] $18 per pack
PLS-5 Elephants [3 packs] $18 per pack
PLS-6 Light Cavalry [2 packs] $18 per pack
PLS-7 Slingers [1 pack] $18 per pack
SPA-01 Unarmored Spearmen [1 pack] $18 per pack
SPA-02 Armored Spearmen [1 pack] $18 per pack
SPA-03 Unarmored Swordsmen [2 packs] $18 per pack
SPA-04 Armored Swordsmen [2 packs] $18 per pack
SPA-05 Foot Command Pack [4 packs] $18 per pack
SPA-06 Cavalry [2 packs] $18 per pack
SPA-07 High Command [1 pack] $13 per pack
AHP-7 Slav Infantry w spears [1 pack] $18 per pack
AHP-8 Slav Infantry w bows [1 pack] $18 per pack
BYZ-05 Heavy Foot Archers [1 pack] $18 per pack
BYZ-09 Light Infantry [1 pack] $18 per pack
BYZ-12 Byzantines Cavalry [1 pack] $18 per pack
DAC-23 Dismounted Knights [1 pack] $18 per pack
PLC-01 Heavy Cavalry [2 packs] $18 per pack
PLC-02 Archers [3 packs] $18 per pack
PLC-03 Heavy Infantry [2 packs] $18 per pack
PLF-01 Infantry with axes and command [2 packs] $18 per pack
PLF-02 Infantry with argon and Command [2 packs] $18 per pack
DAR-4 Mounted Nobles [1 pack] $18 per pack
DA-07 Saxon Carls [1 pack] $18 per pack
DA-08 Greater Fyrds [1 pack] $18 per pack
DA-08 Greater Fyrd [2 packs] $18 per pack
DA-09 Lesser Fyrd [2 packs] $18 per pack
DA-10 Saxon Command [1 pack] $18 per pack
DA-10 Saxon Commands [1 pack] $18 per pack
DA-01 Huscarls with Ax [1 pack] $18 per pack
DA-02 Huscarls with assorted weapons [1 pack] $18 per pack
DA-03 Bondi with Assorted Weapons [2 packs] $18 per pack
DA-04 Bondi archers [1 pack] $18 per pack
DA-05 Viking raiders [1 pack] $18 per pack
DA-06 Viking Command [1 pack] $18 per pack
DA-18 Viking Bersekers [1 pack] $18 per pack
DA-21 Welsh Spearmen [1 pack] $18 per pack
DA-22 Welsh Bowmen [1 pack] $18 per pack
DIF-11 Rumanian Light Cavalry [1 pack] $18 per pack
DIF-12 Moldavian Cavalry [1 pack] $18 per pack
DIF-14 Bosnian Crossbowmen [1 pack] $18 per pack
DIF-25 Bohemian Infantry [1 pack] $18 per pack
DIF-37 Eastern European Personalities [1 pack] $13 per pack
OXT-01 Armored Spahi Cavalry 15th Century [1 pack] $18 per pack
OXT-02 Unarmored Spahi Cavalry 15th Century [2 packs] $18 per pack
OXT-03 Ottoman Infantry Archers [1 pack] $18 per pack
OXT-04 Ottoman Infantry Spearmen Each [1 pack] $18 per pack
OXT-05 Ottoman Infantry Handgunners [1 pack] $18 per pack
OXT-06 Ottoman Armored Infantry [1 pack] $18 per pack
OXT-07 Janissary Archers with Command [1 pack] $18 per pack
OXT-08 Janissary Musketeers with Command [1 pack] $18 per pack
OXT-09 Janissaries Sword and Shield with Command [1 pack] $18 per pack
OXT-12 Akinji Light cavalry [1 pack] $18 per pack
OXT-13 Balkan Light Cavalry [1 pack] $18 per pack
OXT-15 Arab Light Cavalry [2 packs] $18 per pack
OXT-16 Wallachian Cavalry [1 pack] $18 per pack
OXT-17 'Dellis' Cavalry [1 pack] $18 per pack
OXT-18 Ilayar Fanatics Charging with Sword [1 pack] $18 per pack
OXT-19 Ottoman Irregular Arquebussiers Skirmishing [1 pack] $18 per pack
OXT-20 North African Marines with crossbows [1 pack] $18 per pack
OXT-21 Tufencki Musketeers Skirmishing 17th Century [1 pack] $18 per pack
OXT-23 Ottoman High Command 15th - 17th Century [1 pack] $18 per pack
SAW-01 US Infantry [2 packs] $18 per pack
SAW-05 US Cavalry [2 packs] $18 per pack
SAW-09 US Marines [1 pack] $18 per pack
SAW-10 US Sailors [1 pack] $18 per pack
SAW-14 US Generals [1 pack] $18 per pack
WOR-05A Mtd Knights [1 pack] $18 per pack
WOR-3B Mtd Knights [2 packs] $18 per pack
WOR-4B Mtd Knights [1 pack] $18 per pack


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