Imperial Outpost on Fridays


Meant to post this here, but accidentally posted on the North Phoenix Irregulars list...........

Actually anyone on this group who wants to drop by and play if they wish, is welcome.   However I know that it is a longish trek for many folk, and it is a different experience to the TTG games.   Not better or worse, just different.
I specifically responded to Chad because he said he lived quite close to Imperial Outpost (it's in Glendale).

Games on Friday are shorter (2-3 hours), the shop is often very noisy, some nights are very full if they are running a GW or other fantasy competition, and that leads to serious foot traffic around the table as folk rush past to the restrooms (they rush both ways - one way body urges needing abating, the other way "gotta get back to the game").
OK, I exaggerate a bit - both only a bit!!

Also, maybe 50% of the time we are trying out variations or home rules or whatever, so breakdowns to argue about rule questions are probably more frequent - although not that much more frequent (excess casualties trigger break tests, right guys?).   You are probably shocked to hear there are rules arguments in miniature games.......
.....or maybe not.  I am sure I have called Tom Fraser a "complete frigging haggis" not more than a dozen times... :-)

Anyway rather than rely on my written descriptions just come along and say "Hello" if it works with your schedule.   Sylvain, see you some Vendredi!!


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