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Michael Farley

OK sure! The fool on the hill here. Kerry n I just finish a miniatures mini-campaign using Over the Top morphed into Test of Battle. So no keeping track of hits but each hit is rolled on a chart to determine if “no effect, fall back, or eliminated”. Fun little game, we used Berthier again and I was going to do up the play back a post it soon. Next Wednesday I was gonna roll out some WWII microarmor to try these Division Commander rules. Each 1” by 1” base is a battalion, 3” is a mile, variable number of turns but each turn is a hour and a half. You roll for divisions to see if they crap out for the day, more veteran units typically get more done in a day. Gonna do “Delaying action at Kharkov, Aug 20th 1943. Its part of a series of senarios centered around the 6th Panzer Division known as the “Alarmeinheiten” division.  A very different kind of scale but looks interesting and I appreciate the ability to do multiple day battles. So that’s what we are currently up to. We game at Game On by the way.


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Subject: [The-Table-Top-Gaming-Society] Games and new members #General-Interest


There are over 40 people in this discussion group. Yet, only a half dozen or so seem to participate in discussions and maybe 10 come to the games.

While  lurking is fine, it might be more enjoyable to participate in a game or join in some discussions.

I guess I’m asking for some input about how we can make things more interesting to the folks who seem to be staying on the sidelines.

Smaller games? Bigger games? Different periods? Saturday’s are no good? More beer and snacks? The venue sucks? Fewer dancing girls? Does someone need a bath? ..... What?

I can speculate all day. But I’d rather just hear from you guys.




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