WW1 pics up


I put some pics of the WW1 game from last Saturday on the group photo section.

A mixed Allied force of Canadians French and Indians supported by tanks counter-attacked a German position in 1918.  The Allies managed to take out the bunker and secure one village but eventually withered under the fire of the German reserve line.  The Allied second wave made it across the wire by the time we called it.

Air Marshal Bob had a surprisingly effective massed bombing attack on a German trench.

The Allied tanks were very effective right up to the moment that they weren't.
The first tank vs tank kill went to a French Renault, while a German anti-tank rifle ace popped another Renault with one shot!

Allies had 16 units and 6 tanks, Germans had 10 and 2. 

Thanks to all who came.  I have made some adjustments to the rules and clarifications according to some suggestions during the game.  This playtest went well I thought.

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