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I have played Black Powder (Pike & Shot version) once. Al and Tim ran the big ECW game. It was ok. I remember it being a bit generic in its feel. Will be willing to try it again. I of course prefer my own rules “Bibles & Buffcoats” for ECW.

Ancients - Everyone knows I like Tactica. Armati is good too. Not into DB*.

Naps - I like Age of Eagles. I like Napoleon at War. And I picked up Et Sans Resultat at Historicon but haven’t played it yet.

But here’s the important question;  what rules should we use for Pirates?   Sword & Flame has been mentioned, maybe Blood & Plunder, or is there something better out there?


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I like the more "relaxed" nature of Black Powder.  It is a pretty flexible set of rules, so I can use for my AWI games as well as the mid-19th century stuff.  Recently, however, I've been playing the Neil Thomas rules, especially for 19th century Europe.  They are fairly straightforward and easy to use.  I also like how he explains his design choices in his books.

Michael Machell

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I enjoy black powder also. Have quite a bit of Napoleonic for that. I have the hail Caesar rules but have not played them yet.

On the other hand, I don't arrive in the Mesa area until the end of January. Like you. :-)


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We have mainly used two rules for ancients.  DBA is an obvious "standard" rule set for ancients and has the advantage of being simple and familiar to everyone in the group.  One of our members has put on some very interesting games using the "Ancients D6" rules, which I believe are online.

I have a couple of rulesets I have only read, but not yet tried out.  One is "Comitatus", which seems geared more towards the Late Roman and Dark Age periods.  The other is "Hail Caesar".  I really like Warlord Games "Black Powder", so am kind of interested in how "Hail Caesar" might work for ancients.

Michael Machell

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Great!  I'd be interested in doing some Pre-Dread or ACW naval.  Bob's table has "water" underneath the land mat!

What ancients rule set do you like?  We have been thinking about looking at some different ones.


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I just joined your group.  I will be moving to Phoenix from Lawrence, Kansas in mid-January.  I've been a historical miniatures wargamer for about 20 years and a board gamer for even longer than that.  I found your website online.  I was hoping to find a new historical gaming group once we moved to the area, so was happy to find your website.  I'll be located about an hour north of Mesa, but I am willing to make the drive to meet other historical gamers.

I am planning to bring a fairly extensive collection of 15mm and 28mm figures representing a number of periods.  Among my 15mm interests are Late Roman, Renaissance Ottoman-Polish-Russian and 19th century wars.  In 28mm, my collection includes the French and Indian War, American Revolution and War of 1812.  I also have a collection of 28mm Wild West and 1920s Gangsters for skirmish gaming.  I also collect 1:1200 American Civil War and 1:2400 Pre Dreadnought naval.  I'm continuing to work on other periods, although I'll have to put that on hold until we finish the move.

I hope to hear from you and to meet the group early next year!

Michael Machell

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